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Starting Up - Hello from the monthlygifter team

Welcome to the blog, where (for better or for worse) you will be able to connect directly with our team.  If you haven’t already met us, feel free to have a quick read regarding Stu and Dan’s background.

We have started this blog for a trifecta of reasons:

1) To provide our followers, customers, merchants and friends a channel for connecting with the monthgifter team and see what exciting things have going on with the business

2) As a resource for information regarding the subscription based commerce industry (‘subcom’) as well as our thoughts, experiences, and analysis regarding new venture creation and entrepreneurship in general 

3) As an excuse to use the word ‘trifecta’ in a non-ironic way

As you may come to realize, our sense of humor is sharper than a knife (just ask us, we’ll tell you!), and we are as witty as something that is witty but unable to make creative metaphors.

But please make no mistake, the intent of this blog is to capture our positive addition to the already thriving community of entrepreneurs in NYC and everywhere else, and we’d like nothing more than for our readers to agree with, dissent against, tear apart, or contribute to the topics, events, and experiences discussed here. 

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